Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Why Ikatbag is Awesome

I stumbled across LiEr's incredible blog Ikatbag about a year ago when I first started hunting for something simple that Olivia could sew.  I found her tutorial for How to Sew a Skirt When You Are 5 Years Old.

How to Sew a Skirt When You are 5 Years Old - by Ikatbag
I love her style of writing, her wry humour, her excellent tutorials and great pictures.  I was immediately hooked and began trawling through her enormous archive of tutorials and projects.  I have made so many things as a result of this blog.  Lots of them with the girls.  Here are just a few that I found around the house today:

There have also been cardboard boats and castles, which eventually found their way into the recycling, and other little craft activities that were never photographed.  I also used the skills I learnt in her bag making series, to make beautiful, fully lined library bags (with no exposed seams).

LiEr has inspired me to learn pattern drafting with her incredible tutorial series.  She also got me into cardboard crafting.  A few times recently I've needed something in particular (a cutlery drawer organiser, a tray for the dining table) and I've thought "I can make exactly what I want with cardboard").

But most of all, she has inspired me to get out my sewing machine again.  I seem to be sewing something all the time, and her amazing workmanship has spurred me on to learn how to be a better sewer.

If you are a keen sewer or crafter, and you haven't checked out this blog yet, I recommend you do - as quickly as possible!

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  1. Eeeeek! Katie, you made my day. I am so thrilled that you've been pushing your limits and braving new frontiers. Yay, you!