Friday, 23 August 2013

Easy Peasy Origami Crown

Our local craft shop was doing an origami workshop yesterday.  The girls both made some paper windmills and an origami crown.  They decorated their crowns with Washi Tape.  They both looked great, and the girls wore them all afternoon.

They were so easy to make.  All you need is some coloured paper and something decorative to make them extra special.  This is super easy origami.  Samantha managed to make one with some help, and Olivia made her's on her own.  Here's how to make a crown.

Start with 5-6 pieces of coloured craft paper, and cut them into squares.  If you have proper origami paper, you don't need to worry about cutting it into squares.

Start by folding the paper in half on the horizontal and vertical axis.  Crease the fold well, and then open flat.  Fold the top two corner points into the centre.

Fold the bottom flap up to meet the centre line.  Then fold it once again along the centre line.

Repeat these steps with each piece of paper.

Start joining the pieces together by sliding one piece into the next.  I also added a small piece of sticky tape to secure the two pieces of paper together and prevent them sliding apart.

Keep joining the pieces together until your crown is the desired length to fit nicely on your head (or whoever is going to wear it).  Join into a circle by slotting the last piece into the first piece and secure with sticky tape.  This step is fiddly, and make take a little while to get it to slide into place.

To help the crown take a circular shape I creased it along the fold line at each point of the crown.  You now have a crown ready to decorate.

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