Saturday, 3 August 2013

Baby Travel Blanket and Toy Holder

A while ago a good friend of mine had her first baby.  Like me, she has moved overseas and is doing the expat thing.  I can really relate, having moved to Singapore when my big girl was almost two, and then having my second girl over there.  We spend a lot of time on planes and both my girls have become really good travellers. I wanted to make a gift, which I hoped would be genuinely useful. I found this very clever, and cute, baby travel blanket and used it as my inspiration.

Merriment Design - Baby Travel Blanket
The fabric used above is absolutely adorable.  My girlfriend (an Aussie) is married to a Kiwi and I wanted to find a fabric that incorporated the colours or animals from their homes.  I searched all over London, trying to find something really cute, with no luck.  I eventually found a fabric I liked when I was on holiday in New Zealand.  It's perfect because it has the colours green and gold (for Australia) and there are pictures of fern leaves and Pukekos (for New Zealand).  I haven't made a tutorial for this blanket, because there is already a fabulous tutorial at Merriment Design.  I did change the measurements and pockets slightly.  Here's the finished blanket:

The tags are a mix of grosgrain, satin, and velvet ribbons, and snag-free velcro.  I used a plain blue flannelette on the back.  The name was hand embroidered using a stem stitch and blue embroidery thread.  For some reason, I had terrible trouble matching up the pattern of the lower pocket with the blanket fabric.  The pattern didn't seem to be perfectly symmetrical.

I believe young Ethan has really enjoyed his blanket, and loves all the tags.

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