19 August 2013

Homework Boxes

Now that Olivia is heading into Year 4, we will be getting homework regularly.  Each week she has a spelling test, general knowledge test, maths homework, english homework, and other homework assignments.  To help with our organisation and routine, I made her a homework box.  I found my inspiration here, and knew it was just what we needed.

Study Box - iheartorganizing
I set aside some space on the dining room shelves to store two file boxes.  Samantha doesn't have homework yet, but she will probably start having some next year.  After a long search (I gave up finding something as pretty as the one above), I found these:

They are Laura Ashley boxes (the design is called Lori).  I got them at Staples (in London).  I've filled Olivia's box up with the study essentials: pencils, sharpener, eraser, pens and notebooks.  I haven't put anything into Samantha's yet, as I'm waiting to see what homework she is going to have.  The last step was to add some pretty labels.

Now we are all ready for the new school year.

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