26 July 2013

Tidying Up the Littlest Room

The shelf in our downstairs cloakroom (that's polite English speak for toilet) has become a jumbled mess of supplies I'd really rather not have on display.  I would post a before picture, but it's just too embarrassing.  I found these really handy wooden storage drawers at Ikea.  Unfortunately they are not very pretty, so I decided to decorate it to match the accessories and towels in the cloakroom.

MOPPE Mini Chest of Drawers

I started by giving the boxes a light sand and then I spray painted them.  To make sure the paint had a nice finish I started with a coat of wood primer, then two coats of colour and a final layer of varnish.  I also did a light sand between each layer.

To finish the drawers off I found a coordinating wrapping paper and used my Decoupatch glue and varnish to glue the paper to the fronts of the drawers and give it a nice, sturdy finish.  I'm not sure, but I think Decoupatch is very similar to Modge Podge.  It's a bit like a diluted PVA glue.  Once the drawers were finished, I popped them in the cloakroom and filled them with all the mess from the shelf.  Here's the finished drawers.

I think they look great.  So cheerful and bright, and no more mess.

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