21 July 2013

Summer Shorts

For years the only sewing I have done has been things like curtains, sheets, bibs and other bits and pieces for around the home.  I stopped sewing clothes because they were fiddly to make, supplies (like fabric and patterns) have become really expensive, and too many times I had finished something, put it on and it just didn't look as good as I hoped it would.

I decided to dip my toes back into sewing with some easy kids clothes.  I found this great pattern at www.danamadeit.com:

I only needed half a metre of fabric to make one pair, so it was quite economical.  I used a really cute gingham print in a lovely, soft quilting cotton, and added pockets with a piping detail.  I had never worked with piping before, so I was a bit worried about them turning out perfectly.  After a bit of internet searching I found a load of tutorials and videos explaining how easy it was to do.

As part of my mission to improve my sewing skills, I worked really carefully and tried to make the shorts as neat and professional as possible.  I think they turned out brilliantly.

I've got three more pairs planned, using fabric that the girls chose themselves.  The next ones are going to be the racer style shorts with bias tape edging - another new sewing skill for me to perfect.

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