Sunday, 28 July 2013

Summer Shorts go Retro

The first two pairs of shorts I made were a roaring success with the girls.  They've only had them for a week and they've already been through the wash three times.  I think they'd wear them every day if they could.  Just as a reminder, I'm using this pattern by MADE:

For round two of shorts making, I'm trying the retro, racer style shorts.  These are the ones with curved hems and bias tape edging.  We visited the fabric shop and I let the girls choose their own fabrics.  It was fascinating watching them choose.  Samantha (my 4 yo) headed straight for the brightest pink fabric she could see.  Olivia (my 7 yo), chose a Nana-style blue floral and a stripe/floral print that reminded me of 70s wallpaper.

These shorts were much easier to sew than the first pairs.  There was no messing about making piping, pockets and having to do proper hems.  I don't have a lot of experience using bias tape, so I headed back to the Google and searched for tutorials.  I found loads of photo and video tutorials out there, which explained different methods.  I ended up going with a method where I pin the tape carefully onto the edge of the shorts, and then edge-stitch as neatly as I can with a regular presser foot.  When I bought my new sewing machine, I also invested in a bias tape foot.  It is absolutely brilliant, however, it only sews 1/4" double fold bias tape, and these shorts use 1/2" double fold bias tape.  I did try to sew as slowly and neatly as I could, but I probably could have gone even slower and made the line of stitching a bit more perfect.

I think the end result is fabulous.  I love the look of the bias tape edging.

Olivia and Samantha were desperate to wear them, and headed off to holiday camp wearing their new shorts the very next day.  I was especially delighted to get Samantha into shorts, as she has an obsession with skirts and dresses.  I think letting them choose the fabric made all the difference.

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