Thursday, 31 October 2013

Laundering the Woolies

I accept that this is probably a very lame blog post, but I am a little bit obsessive about my laundry.  I separate loads into dark, woollen, towels, shirts, and then I fall down a bit  by chucking all the whites in with the light coloured stuff.  Where I get really obsessive is in hanging things up and then ironing them.

I always carefully shake out laundry and get it as flat as possible before I hang it up.  On tops, I match the seam under the armhole and flatten from there (never from the bottom hem because tops just end up twisted this way).  I flatten socks and match them into pairs.  I always flatten underwear and hang along a side seam ... I could go on for a while.

Anyway, this little post is about how I dry my woollens.  I always carefully shake and flatten them first, then I lay them flat on either the spare bed, or a clean rug.  I make sure the sleeves are uncrumpled, and flat and that the side seams aren't twisted.  This is a picture of my latest load of woollens drying:

Using this method, means jumpers are not crumpled, they don't have washing line fold marks on them, they don't stretch out of shape, or twist at the seams.

Once the jumpers are dry, I usually give them a very gentle press (or seam) with a warm iron.  I like to make sure the sleeves are not creased, and that the bottom hem isn't curling up.  I'm also looking for the perfect padded satin hangers for my jumpers, but I'm thinking I might end up having to make them.

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