Saturday, 12 October 2013

My Front Door is No Longer a Forest of Shoes

Just inside our front door there are usually piles of shoes all over the place.  A little while ago I bought two pink IKEA Trofast tubs and tossed the girls shoes into them.  The hallway was already looking a bit neater.  I decided both boxes needed labels, as I kept putting the wrong shoes into each box.

So much neater.  An additional bonus, is that a lot of the dried dirt from shoes ends up in the bottom of the box, instead of all over the hall floor.

This year Olivia is supposed to be packing her own school bag each day.  I thought it would be a good idea if both the girls had a chart on the wall showing what had to go in their bag each day.  I had two spare IKEA Nyttda frames in red, so I made them a bag packing list and fixed it on the wall above their shoe boxes.

Each girl has one side of the front door for their shoe box and school bag packing list.  It's now a really neat space.

I love this organisation solution.  It was also really inexpensive to implement.  The only expenditure was £6 for the Trofast boxes, and £2.50 for the Nyttda frames.  I printed the labels and lists myself, and used some clear adhesive book covering to attach the box labels, and blutack to hold the picture frames in place.

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