Monday, 19 May 2014

Rosie the Hungry Puppy

Samantha was home sick today … however, once the medicine kicked in she was quite perky and wanted to do some craft.  She decided that Rosie was feeling hungry. This is Rosie.

According to Samantha, Rosie really wanted some dog food and a bone … and a nice bowl to eat from.  I raided the craft drawers and found some crepe paper (Samantha insisted on using the pink paper), some craft foam, washi tape and an old plastic milk carton.

I cut the bottom off the milk carton and Samantha decorated it with washi tape.  She then scrunched up the pink crepe paper into balls for the dog food.  I drew a bone shape on the craft foam and cut it out, then stuck it to a second piece and cut it out again.  This made the bone a little bit thicker.

Here's Rosie's delicious dinner.

Now Rosie could dive right in and enjoy her treats.

I think she liked the bone best.

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