Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Origami Bows

I saw these very cute origami bows on Pinterest this week, and really wanted to make my own.  I found the printed tutorial a little confusing, so searched for a video tutorial.  I found this one on Youtube, which is absolutely brilliant.  Each step is shown clearly and I had no trouble making my own bows.

 We had a pack of origami paper in the craft drawer, so I started practicing.  This purple bow was my very first one.

It worked perfectly, however, I did use a glue stick to hold the centre points of the bow in place, and to secure the bow to the two ribbon pieces.  It just make things a bit neater, and stopped the bow popping open every time it was touched.

As Samantha was home sick again today she asked me to make her more bows.  She chose the paper and I obediently folded bows.  This was what we ended up with.

I'm not sure what they'll get used for, but they are very pretty.

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