Monday, 25 November 2013

Crafting for Christmas - Origami Tree

It's that season again, and I've started getting emails from Pinterest with cute Christmas craft ideas.  I saw this one on the weekend for Origami Christmas Trees.

The instructions are very clear, and this is not complicated origami.  With a little bit of help, Olivia (8 years) was able to make a tree.  The only supplies you need are paper and scissors.  You need either origami paper or regular coloured printer paper.  Make sure your paper isn't too thick, or you'll have trouble making precise folds.  I won't repeat the instructions here, because there is a brilliant photo tutorial on the Krokatak page

Here's a few of the trees we made.

The trees haven't made it to my mantlepiece yet, because the girls immediately appropriated them and made a forest for their Lego Friends people.

I really enjoyed the origami and have found a few more ideas I'm going to try.  Hopefully there will be a few more posts of other origami decorations soon.

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