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The Great British Sewing Bee - Week Two Recap

We head into week two - Children's Week - with seven contestants left.

After only one week I don't have strong feelings about who I like in the contest.  There are some pretty disorganised, and possibly very under-skilled, sewers in this season.  I hope it's just the pressure of being on the show that resulted in some rather poor makes.   It will be interesting to see how the contestants shape up in week two.

SPOILER ALERT!  I am going to discuss, in detail, what happens in week two of The Great British Sewing Bee.  If you haven't had a chance to watch this episode yet, you might like to sneak off and do that before you read this summary, but please stop by again after you have caught up.

The Challenges 

1. Sewing from a Pattern

Sew a baby grow  (techniques include sewing with stretch fabric, sewing a gusset, knit binding and cuffs, and adding snaps) in 3 hours 15 minutes.

Image courtesy of The Great British Sewing Bee

The baby grow is a simple one piece, stretch outfit.  It has snap fasteners that go up the left hand front of the suit from ankle to neck.  These are the construction steps:

Image courtesy of The Great British Sewing Bee

Jamie chose a really cute tractor print fabric, Joyce an adorable fish print, Josh a cute animal print and Tracey a nice star print with a fleecy back.   Ghislaine chose an odd combination of plain cobalt blue, paired with a white and pastel print.

The gusset seemed to give contestants the most difficulty.  Some had puckers and holes, but Ghislaine got it spectacularly wrong when she sewed it off centre, and it ended up in the side of the leg rather than the in crotch.  Ghislaine also managed to sew one of her leg bindings inside out, with the seam allowance on the outside.  The binding, while fiddly, seemed to be handled well by most contestants.  Jamie decided to use a different technique and ended up with a binding that was too narrow.  The poppers also gave contestants lots of trouble.  Charlotte & Tracy had trouble using the snap fastener tool, as it seemed to require quite a lot of wrist strength.  Contestants had poppers falling off, misaligned and even muddled up the male and female parts and so they wouldn't fasten at all.

Once again, there was some lovely teamwork with Tracey helping Joyce with the poppers and then helping Josh dressing his mannequin.  Jade and Charlotte both helped Ghislaine, in a desperate attempt to finish her outfit and dress her mannequin.

By the way, did anyone see the very scary look Claudia gave the camera after she declared Josh's outfit was "edible".

The judges gave their most positive comments on Rumana (overall very neat and tidy, with good gusset and cuffs), Josh (neat but with small mistakes), Jade (binding neat and even with snap fasteners in the middle, cuffs good, but pattern flipped, so it fastens on wrong side of body), and Charlotte (which Patrick declared "looks absolutely first rate", seams were lined up, gusset pretty good and snaps work).

Their most negative comments were on Angeline (hole in gusset, gathering in top of sleeve and top snap fastener missing), Tracey (snap fasteners wrong way around, so suit fastens with small side over the top of big side), Joyce (also fastens with small side over big side, one male pair of snap fasteners), Jamie (not following pattern and doing different binding method) and Ghislaine (oh dear!).  Patrick summed up Ghislaine's disastrous make by saying it had "all just gone really badly wrong - in all sorts of ways we couldn't have even imagined it was possible to go wrong."

The results from 9th place are Ghislaine (no surprise there), Angeline, Josh, Jamie, Tracey, Joyce, Rumana, with Jade in second (very nicely made, but pattern cut back to front), and Charlotte in first.

Images courtesy of The Great British Sewing Bee

There were lots of fiddly techniques in these patterns, and overall contestants seemed to cope pretty well.

2. Alter a Basic High Street Item

Take a bridesmaid dress in silky fabric and turn it into an outfit for a child 1 hour 30 minutes.  

The contestants were each given a bridesmaid dress, and were asked to be imaginative and creative.  Based on last week, the judges are looking for something really interesting.

Tracey, Rumana, Jamie, Jade, Joyce and Charlotte decided to make party/bridesmaid dresses.  Angeline planned to make a mermaid dress with a fishtail, Josh a sleeveless bomber jacket and Ghislaine a sporty jacket and shorts.

Tracey was sewing shirring at lightning speed, Angeline seemed to be having trouble sewing the light fabric with her machine.  Later she added random sequinned sections, that didn't seem to make a lot of sense.  Rumana and Jamie both decided to drape on the stand.  Rumana later added a sparkly butterfly detail on the front of her dress, hoping it would distract the judges.  Jade and Charlotte both added gathered net skirts.  Charlotte added a beaded trim on the waistband, but had to rip it off as it prevented dress stretching over the shoulders of her mannequin.

Image courtesy of The Great British Sewing Bee

The judges gave their most positive comments on Rumana's butterfly dress (gone to town on the draping, made butterfly from scratch), Tracey's petal fairy dress (lots of good stuff on this, liked the petals) and Ghislaine's sporty shorts and zippered top (stood out from all the others, well handled fabric, lovely appliqué details).

Their most negative comments were on Josh's sleeveless bomber jacket (least imaginative, doesn't fit mannequin), Angeline's mermaid dress (haphazard, fabric hacked up, didn't like the sequins - poor Angeline looked heartbroken).

The results from 9th place are Josh, Angeline, Jade, Charlotte, Joyce, Jamie, in second was Rumana (really lovely, beautiful handwork and lots of imagination), and in first place was Ghislaine (executed well, with very nice details).

Image courtesy of The Great British Sewing Bee

3. Sew a Showstopper

Sew a woollen cape for a child to fit a real model in 6 hours.

A quick Google search of wool capes for children showed quite a variety of possible choices for the contestants.

Image courtesy of Google

There isn't a lot to get excited about with woollen fabrics.  Angeline chose a nice red fabric with a tartan contrast, Jamie chose a nice tweed paired with a blue lining that makes me think of Sherlock Holmes, and Josh had a nice checked beige wool. Charlotte chose a very ugly redish-brown tweed, and Rumana went for a very thick grey jersey wool that looked completely inappropriate for a cape.

Jade selected an interesting pattern with a hood, fur trim, and buttoned panel on front.  Charlotte's pattern for a full circle cape looked nice, but did she a weird thing at the end where she folded the edges back at the arms and used snap fasteners to hold them in place.  I liked the look of Jamie's pattern choice, but felt it should have been a bit longer.  Actually most of the capes seemed to be cut a little short.  The worst of which was Ghislaine's, which ended up as a capelet rather than a cape.

I was rather excited to see Ghislaine doing freehand drafting, but it became obvious very quickly that she didn't really know what she was doing.  She cut the neckline too large, and ended up having to pleat the fabric to make it fit.

The judges gave their most positive comments on Charlotte (nice combination of fabrics, good pattern choice, loved the turned back sleeves), Jamie (very original, fantastic piece of work, pockets well done, although some were unfinished), Angeline (fantastic piece of clothing, godet works really well with the bow feature, lining well handled, "an absolute cracker").

Their most negative comments were on Rumana (bow looked like a dog biscuit, using a jersey wool resulted in "bouncy" seams), and Ghislaine (an awful lot was not quite right, scallops uneven, collar doesn't fit),

The Final Results

The contestants went off for a coffee, while the judges discussed the weekend's work.

Those in danger were:

Ghislaine - produced the least successful cape, baby grow was a disaster, but they loved her alteration challenge.
Josh - made a pretty good cape with perfect pattern matching, but had the least successful alteration.

The contestants were then called back in to hear the final results:

Garment of the week went to … Angeline for her children's cape.  Angeline had the best surprised face, so I had to include a couple of pictures.

Images courtesy of The Great British Sewing Bee

The contestant leaving this week was … Ghislaine.

Final Thoughts

Ghislaine had two disastrous makes this week.  Her baby grow was as bad as it was possible to be, and her self-drafted cape was full of errors.  She is definitely no Chinelo Bally, and should probably have stuck to using a pattern instead of trying to self-draft her cape.  Unfortunately, her win in the alteration challenge wasn't enough to save her from elimination.

Up next week is lingerie.  The closest I've come to lingerie is a camisole and knickers set from Tilly and The Buttons, which was quite fun to make, but not so easy to fit.

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