Saturday, 20 December 2014

More Christmas Crafts - Christmas Bookmarks

Woah … two posts in one day, after a nearly six month break.  What is going on??  I thought I better get this one out quickly, or Christmas will already be gone.

We have been getting into the Christmas spirit with some holiday crafts.  I was asked to come into Olivia's class and run a couple of craft activities.  I needed to come up with activities that were not too messy, could be easily done by a group of nine year olds with varying skill levels, and would produce nice results.  One of the first activities I thought of was the laminated bookmarks created by LiEr of Ikatbag.

Image Source - Ikatbag

I just needed to create some Christmas themed ones.  I'm not very good at drawing so I searched the internet for suitable Christmas images, printed them the right size and traced them.  This is my finished colouring sheet. (As always, I'm happy to email this to anyone who wants it.  Just send me a message.)

Each child coloured in a sheet of bookmarks using felt pens and pencils.

They then cut them out and laminated them.  They turned out beautifully and were a big hit with the class.

If anyone would like a copy of the bookmark PDF, please leave me a message below or email me at randomcraftingadventures [at]

Merry Christmas and happy crafting.

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