Thursday, 20 February 2014

Getting Crafty in the School Holidays - Ribbon Wands

This was one of those very quick craft activities, that made use of some supplies we had laying around the house.  Samantha had accidentally torn an organza ribbon off one of her dresses, and was running around the house waving it about.  I took the ribbon away, and she asked me if she could have her own ribbon wand to play with.   It seemed like something easy to make, so I grabbed a few supplies.

I used a piece of dowling cut into 40cm lengths, three colours of organza ribbon cut about 50cm long each, a push pin, some washi tape, stickers and marker pens.

The girls each decorated their dowling using the washi tape, stickers and marker pens.  I then neatly folded the ends of the ribbons together.  I used the push pin to secure the ribbon to the end of the dowling.  Ta da … ribbon wands.

This is a craft you could make even fancier by painting the sticks, using glitter, adhesive gems, or any number of embellishments, but this simple version worked well.  The wands have been a hit with the girls, and we made a couple extra today when friends came over.

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