Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Labels, Labels Everywhere

Labels are brilliant.  They tell you what is inside something without having to open it.  They also take the mystery out of the contents of my pantry cupboards.  Much better than having to smell it, touch it, or taste it to figure out what the heck is in the mystery container.

I've got two favourite kinds of labels. The first are the permanent ones.

The second are the temporary labels - like you put on leftovers.

The temporary ones are easy.  Grab a role of Washi Tape, stick a piece on your container, write on it with a marker pen.  When you're done with the contents of the container, just peel off the tape and throw it away.  I use Washi Tape labels on all my leftovers.  They stay on in the freezer, and peel of easily afterwards.  Plus they add a bit of colour, which is always nice.

The permanent labels are a little more complicated, but not much.  I usually use PowerPoint to create my labels.  The thing that always takes me the longest, is choosing a colour that looks great once I print it.  I'm always creating fabulous labels, printing them, then realising the colours are too dark, or not what I was expecting.  Once I have the perfect colour, font, size and layout, I cut my labels and run them through the laminator.  I usually attach them using double sided tape.  Lately I have had more success using clear adhesive film to cover and stick labels to containers.  It doesn't tend to peel off as much as the double sided tape.

If you'd like a tutorial on making labels on your computer, there's a great one on iheartorganzing.

I've also experimented with stencils and spray paint.  I really like these because they are so bright, cheerful and clear.

I love how neat spaces look when everything is labelled.  I'm slowly working my way through cupboards, shelves and other storage spaces.

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